April Read!

Welcome back, bookish Betties and literary lads! 
It is now April and time for the next installment of Two Sisters 
Books & Booze Club! 

This month the book of choice is The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Potzsch. 
The book is a thriller based in 17th Century Germany. 
A young boy is found dead with a strange tattoo on his body and the villagers 
immediately suspect witchcraft. It is the task of the hangman, Jakob Kuisl, 
and his daughter, Magdalena, to uncover the truth behind this mysterious murder. 

Come discuss this thriller with us on the last Wednesday in April, 4/25!!! 
We will gather to rehash the suspense, intrigue, and romance of the text and 
we will have plenty of booze on hand to calm your frazzled nerves! 

We hope to see you then!
Little Sister