And just in case you had some curiosity about our October-December 2013 hiatus, we did not meet because I was a little busy taking care of this little gal:
She is now 3 months old and I am back behind the bar on Friday and Sunday nights :-)
And we're back! Our lovely books and booze club had a rousing January meeting discussing East of Eden, with its beautiful, haunting, difficult characters and its monstrously impressive story line.  For February we are going to take it a bit easy on ourselves and enjoy My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss.  A dear autobiography of that tender and internationally cool gal I have often wished I could be, Ms Weiss also provides some delish and easy to emulate recipes.  Enjoy this quick read (available at most independent bookstores in the city and via amazon in print and for Kindle), make a dish or two and join us on Wednesday March 5th from 6p-8p to discuss.  Happy Reading!