Books and Booze Club

Welcome back! After our January hiatus, our little club is back!  Little Sister is not posting this month because she is a bit swamped with her job promotion (Go, Lil' Sis!).  Obviously I am so very excited for her!

In the meantime I thought we should take it back old skool.  Afterall, February is a time for snuggling down with an old classic, and for pretending that it really is by design that we are spending so much time inside.  So this month, let's read Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers.

And to fortify ourselves during these cold (or not so cold) winter months, a cocktail:  Dog's Nose.  This particular cocktail does show up in Pickwick Papers, and though it sounds a bit odd, the flavors do really work well together.  If you do not have a microwave, warm the stout over the stove.  In any event, the goal is to get the stout just warm enough to melt the brown sugar.

12 oz porter or stout, warmed in the microwave about one minute
Stir in 2 tsp brown sugar and 2 oz gin
Garnish:  freshly-grated nutmeg


~ Big Sister


  1. It took me awhile but I made it through Pickwick. Dickens truly is a master of collecting stories and weaving them together to show how complicated and ridiculous life is. You meet all sorts of people in your life adventure and they can impact you in a variety of ways. You laugh, you cry, get arrested, get married, avert death, get drunk, and all along you pray that you have close friends and family members to help you move between the moments that make life worth living.

    While Dickens didn't write it in his book and the movie "Just married" is not the first to make this point, I think it applies here: "You never see the hard days in a photo album... but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next." I had the same feeling at the end of Pickwick.

    Thanks for the recommendation Mikha and I look forward to your next selection.

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